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Συνεργαζόμενα Ευρωπαικά Κέντρα

Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London, (Mr A Magos)
St Jan Hospital, Brussels, (Dr Y. Van Belle)
LIFE, Institute for Embryology and Fertility, Leuven (Dr R Campo)
Academic  Gyn. Endoscopy Centre, Germany (Prof J Hucke)
Academic Endoscopic Centre, Villach, Austria, (Prof. J Keckstein)
Gynaecologal Endoscopic Centre of Prof. M Possover
Acad. Obstetrics and Gynaecological Clinic of Verona, Dr G Zanconato
and Milano (Prof. L Fedele)
SISMER Ferility Centre, Bologna, (Dr L. Giannaroli)
University of Bari (Prof  S Bettochi)